Adopting Agile: Baby Steps and Pervasive Feeback

George Dinwiddie, iDIA Computing, LLC

You want to begin adopting agile practices in your team and organization. Where to start? Agile is full of strange terms, new principles, and unfamiliar practices that are not even described consistently from person-to-person and book-to-book. Customer or Product Owner? Sprint or Iteration? Then there are all those new gatherings-sprint planning, stand-ups, retrospectives, reviews, and more. As hard as you try to do things "by the book," it's hard to tell which practices really help and when to implement each. And you thought agile was supposed to be simpler! George Dinwiddie offers a simple and effective approach any team can use to get on the road to a more agile process. By taking baby steps and using pervasive feedback from incremental results, you can steer your organization toward the agile practices it needs to become its best. Join George to learn how to apply this powerful approach to all your actions-from managing the high-level release road map to writing individual lines of code.

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