Addressing the Challenges of Mobile Test Automation

Pradeep Macharla

As technology continues to disrupt every industry, mobile applications are increasingly becoming a primary way to interact with customers. Mobile application test automation tools and frameworks are far from being as mature as web test automation tools. The mobile test automation space is much more complex than web because of the number of devices that follow different standards. Simulators and emulators partially address this mobile diversity, however, to feel confident releasing an application to market, a deep understanding of what libraries, tools, and frameworks are available and how to best apply them is required. Join Pradeep as he presents information on how to tackle mobile test automation using tools such as appium and calabash, what to consider between Android and Iphone, how to select the right testing framework, the pro’s and con’s of open source vs. commercial mobile testing tools and the considerations for image based identification vs. object based identification approaches.

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