Acceptable Acceptance Testing

Grigori Melnik, Microsoft Corporation

This is the tale of a team of software professionals at Microsoft patterns & practices group who wrote a book on software acceptance testing. Grigori Melnik was the content owner, writer, and project manager. Jon Bach was the writer, material producer, and the acceptance testing reality checker, ensuring that the project team used its own methods so the book would be acceptable to you, the reader. To develop the book, Grigori and Jon employed key ideas of agile projects-creating a backlog using story cards, working in short iterations, exploring requirements and expectations, building customer trust through iterative acceptance, and staying connected to the customer community through frequent preview releases, surveys, and interviews. They created a heuristic acceptance testing model for knowing when they had reached enough "acceptability" to stop "developing" the book and publish it. Join Grigori and Jon to discover how you can apply an innovative acceptance testing methodology to your software testing. You'll learn how to implement an iterative and incremental acceptance testing approach on your next testing project.

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