Automation of Branching Automation of Branching, Merging, and Notifications in Parallel Development

Developers are distracted from coding by the need to interact with version control systems. Automation of branching, merging, and notifications allows developers to focus on coding. However, integration between the VCS and issue-tracking system, and preferably a continuous integration tool, is necessary to accomplish this goal.

Sujit Kumar
Got Configuration Management Best Practices?

Why is it that we keep revisiting configuration management “best practices”? It is not that they are not well covered. It is because they keep changing and every time we look at the process of development from a different perspective, we learn something new. Ben Weatherall found that what we do under the guise of CM differs in how we identify the problems to be solved, how we address those problems, and even what tools are appropriate.

Ben Weatherall
Release Management and Deployment Essentials

Business requirements often dictate how changes in release management are addressed. But by following some essential practices and core beliefs, database deployment does not have to result in the headaches once caused.

Uri Margalit
Lean Development Principles for Branching and Merging

By reworking lean principles for the branching and merging arena, we're able to create automated builds and unit tests to increase effectiveness and improve quality in software configuration management. Individual developers and teams alike can benefit from this process-improving strategy.

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