2013: A Year of Software Development and Testing in Quotes

In this roundup of noteworthy quotes from industry experts interviewed in 2013, read about what constitutes effective agile methods, the year in testing techniques, and why you shouldn't put too much trust in the latest and greatest tools.

Jonathan Vanian's picture Jonathan Vanian
 Chaos, Intuition, and Getting to the Party Early Book Survey: Chaos, Intuition, and Getting to the Party Early

Michael Larsen takes a look at four books that can benefit you in your software development and testing career. From a book on how humans perceive predictability to a novel about DevOps, Larsen's literature roundup will give you an idea of what good reads are out there.

Michael Larsen's picture Michael Larsen
Configuration Flags Configuration Flags: A Love Story

By implementing configuration flags as part of the initial stages of development, engineers imbue all new features with the capability to leverage system-level strategies, such as multivariate testing, beta testing, and “emergency toggles.” In this article, Noah Sussman describes some battle-tested strategies to implement and leverage configuration flags in production.

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Crossing The DevOps Divide of Complex Personalities

IT organizations often face challenges ranging from complex technology to even more complex personalities. DevOps attempts to address the dynamics between IT operations and highly skilled software and systems delivery teams. Read on if you would like to improve your skills in dealing with these challenging dynamics.

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A Conversation with Rajini Padmanaban A Conversation with Rajini Padmanaban

Rajini Padmanaban is the director of engagement at QA InfoTech. She will be speaking about crowdsourced software testing at the STAREAST conference in April, so I took this opportunity to learn a bit more about crowdsourced testing and find out why it is better than traditional testing in some projects.

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branching strategies chart End-of-Release Branching Strategies

This two-part article explores branching strategies—development tactics that allow teams to work concurrently on different features and maintain the relationship between them. In part one, Steve Berczuk explains what branches are, common types of them, and the tradeoffs between branching styles.

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The Connection between Testing and CM

Testing is a complex discipline. There are various approaches, methodologies, strategies. So where is the connection with CM? As with development, requirements specifications, and other aspects of product development, the connection is on the management side. A software configuration management audit is really about demonstrating that you have test case coverage for your requirements and that the test cases have been successfully run against the target build.

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Creating Compelling Checklists

This article discusses practical and proven ideas on how testers can make their own checklists. It evolved partly as a response to many queries regarding testing checklists on this website’s Discussion Boards. The idea of this article is to guide testers to make their own checklists.

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test automation Not Your Father's Test Automation

If you think that test automation is mostly about executing tests, then you're missing out on a big opportunity. Or rather, you're missing a lot of small opportunities adding up to a big one. Consider this: stop thinking about test automation as merely executing automated tests, stop thinking about test automation as something you need expensive tools for, and start discovering automation you can implement in a couple of days and usually with extremely inexpensive tools or tools you already have available. In this week's column, Danny Faught and James Bach suggest taking a more Agile approach to test automation.

James Bach's picture James Bach Danny R. Faught
Efficiency and Effectiveness Measures To Help Guide the Business of Software Testing

The measurements described in this paper answer the question of whether Software Testing is "doing the right thing" (effectiveness). Once there is assurance and quantification of correct testing, metrics should be developed that determine whether or not Software Testing "does the thing right" (efficiency).

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