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Bug Taxonomies: How to Generate Better Tests

This article discusses how to use bug taxonomies to help generate better tests. The author explains that a test team's goal should be to create a useful taxonomy that can be used as a framework to brainstorm for possible risks to the application.

Giri Vijayaraghavan, Texas Instruments Inc
Practical Experiences in Graph-Based Testing

This article discusses design techniques and models implemented in graph-based testing. Test script models are also detailed along with test script development.

Alan Richardson, Compendium Developments Ltd
Test Process Improvement Using the TPI Approach

This paper discusses test process improvement using the TPI approach.

Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services BV
Scripting for Testing 101: An Introduction

These presentation materials are not available online. Please contact the authors for more information.

Brian Marick, Testing Foundations
Building Executable Software Test Specifications

This paper discusses how executable software test specifications can help you reach project goals, and offer solutions to three common software problems. You will also learn how to articulate software development goals so they can be shared by product and test developers.

Michael Corning, Microsoft Corporation
Introduction to Systematic Testing

This course provides an introduction and overview of a systematic approach to testing. The goal is to create well focused and structured tests. This is only one view of testing. Other views, such as exploratory testing, look at the process from a different perspective. Dale Perry explains systematic testing.

Dale Perry, Software Quality Engineering
Testing the Programs That Test Programs

This edition warns of the trouble that comes when you start testing the programs that test programs. Next-generation tools could be just what your project needs. Linda Hayes explains the pros and cons of implementing such a solution.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
The Care and Feeding of Testing Skills

It's a good idea to thoroughly study the bugs that have already been found in the software you're testing. It's even better if you study other people's bugs, too. Read on in this issue of Career Development as Elisabeth Hendrickson provides a helpful guide to continuous professional development.

Elisabeth Hendrickson's picture Elisabeth Hendrickson
Troubleshooting Risk-Based Testing

It's not easy to know the ways that a product might fail, determine how important the failures would be if they occurred, and then develop and excuse tests to discover whether or not the product would indeed fail in those ways. Renowned tester James Bach shares some of his tips for dealing with common risk-based testing obstacles.

James Bach's picture James Bach
Taking Test-Driven Development for a Drive

Sometimes TDD (Test-Driven Development) doesn't get used because it can be cost prohibitive to a testing budget. Read on as Joel Spolsky laments the limited real-life usefulness of test-driven development and discusses some common roadblocks to using this testing technique.

Joel Spolsky


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