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I am looking for pros and cons of manual testing in 2023

I am looking for a tool that I can use to track our software licenses for our project. 

Tools like JIRA, Service Now for Incident management, I'm looking for a software platform that will keep track of all related documentation, test plans, user sign offs etc... But what I have not been able to find and is critical for me is a Parent - Child, Child - Child relationship of all changes.

Such as:

CR12345 - is the parent record

  CR12345A - is a child record to CR12345

     CR12345A1 - is a child record of CR12345A

CR12345B is a child record to CR12345

Has anyone seen software that can support this? 

With help of Oracle Virtual Box provider, how we can create our own customized vagrant box with in-house tools?

By Jirong Hu - January 18, 20131 Answer

Hi All

I am setting up a standard configuration management, build & deployment automation and change & release management process for all types of applications including Oracle eBS, Informatica, Siebel, Cognos, Java etc. As you know, SCM for Java and .Net types of applications are very matured, but not for other types of applications such as Oracle eBS. 

Can you give me some hint on how to manage Oracle eBS applications from SCM's perspective? For example,
1. How to version control eBS artifacts?
2. How to build eBS artifacts and then deploy to a new environment?
3. How to manage changes?

We have a standard SCM tool called RTC from IBM, which has version control, build and change control functions.


By olive - November 15, 20113 Answers

Hello, I got stuck in a make file which I doubt I didn't use vpath correctly. I came across your article here and I can figure that you are knowledgable about this. Is it possible you do me a favor?
I have a simple make file like this:

vpath %.c ${WPCP}:${CPCP}
vpath %.pc ${WPGM}:${CPGM}
vpath %.o $(WOBJ):$(COBJ)

PCCFLAGS = maxopencursors=30 \
sqlcheck=semantics \
userid=$(USERID) \
code=ansi_c mode=oracle ltype=none \
include=$(WINC) include=$(CINC) \
include=$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/rdbms/public \

foo.c: foo.pc
proc $(PCCFLAGS) oname=${WPCP}/$*.c iname=$<;\

-I $(WINC) -I $(CINC) \
-I$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/rdbms/demo \
-I$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/rdbms/public \
-I$(ORACLE_HOME_DTB)/precomp/public \
foo.o: foo.c
$(CC) $(CFLAG) -fPIC -c $< -o ${WOBJ}/$*.o

If I make foo.c, then make foo.o (in two separate steps), it works fine.

But if I directly make foo.o, it says foo.c not found after foo.c is actually generated.

And, if I am in the directory where .c should be, then, make foo.o also works. But if I am not in that directory, then cc complains that foo.c doesn't exist if I directly make foo.o. So it seems cc cannot search foo.c in vpath?

Thank you in advance.

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