subversion conversion Questions

I am wondering if anyone has recently migrated from ClearCase to Subversion, or if anyone has been looking into migrating?

As well as how big the development teams using it are, and how many projects are running in parallel and have dependancies upon one another or shared/common code that needs to be merged with multiple streams of code/projects.

If so, please could you let me know as we are looking to do the same, and would like to know about other peoples experiences/challenges/decisions etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



We currently have code in VisualSVN and now we are planning to use ClearCase 7.1 as source repository.

I have the requirement to move all the versions in VisualSVN to ClearCase. We do not want to loose any old versions in visualSVN.

Can this be acheived? Please let me know if this is possible, if so let me know the tools or the procedure for migration.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


We are plannning to migrate our source code from UCM Clearcase to Teamforge subversion.

We need to check,analysis some tool cc2svn,poloriod tool etc.

Is any one already done the migration, can you share your experience and ways to migrate


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