Testing with a DevOps Approach: An Interview with Tom Stiehm


In this interview, Tom Stiehm of Coveros explains how you can integrate test automation with DevOps to create a continuous testing environment. In this performance-driven environment, software development, testing, and operations must evolve to meet iteration and release delivery goals.

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Jennifer Bonine: Hello, and welcome to the STARWEST virtual interviews for 2016. I'm excited to have Tom with me from Coveros. Tom, thanks for joining us.

Tom Stiehm: Thanks for inviting me.

Jennifer Bonine: You're the inaugural interview for those folks out there watching in virtual land. You're the first person I get to hear from. Give us a summary for them so they get a feel. Your first time to this conference?

Tom Stiehm: Yes, my first time to this conference.

Jennifer Bonine: Perfect. Your take so far on how it's been going, what you're hearing, a vibe from the delegates, the folks here in Anaheim?

Tom Stiehm: There's a lot of great energy, the first two keynotes were great. One was about career development, the other one was technical in nature and how QA is changing to include things like chaos engineering. They've been really good.

Jennifer Bonine: From your standpoint, I know you have a talk tomorrow.

Tom Stiehm: Tonight.

Jennifer Bonine: Tonight. What is that topic for you?

Tom Stiehm: We're going to be talking about how you include test automation in projects for embedded systems and Internet of Things systems.

Jennifer Bonine: Some of the organizations you've worked with—so maybe for folks out there just getting into embedded systems and IoT, could you talk a little bit about what some of the types of projects you've been doing, so they understand what that looks like? I know there are a lot of companies out there that are still saying, "Gosh, we're just going to mobile. We're just thinking about going from web-based systems to mobile systems. Now you're talking about embedded, and sensors and technology that connects out to the world."


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