Getting Started with Security Testing: An Interview with Jeff Payne


In this interview, Jeff Payne, the CEO and founder of Coveros, talks about software security. He discusses the Internet of Things and how it relates to safety-critical devices, some useful tools, how testers can test for security, and how DevOps pushes that process earlier in your lifecycle.

Jennifer Bonine: We are back with more virtual interviews. Hopefully you all stay tuned for the next two hours of exciting folks we're going to talk to. Jeff's kicking it off. Jeff, thanks for being here.

Jeff Payne: Thanks for having me.

Jennifer Bonine: For those of you that don't know Jeff, I've talked to him a few times in the past. Some of the things I think would be fun to talk about for the virtual audience is the things you're involved in. Obviously big guru around security, so I always like to talk about security with you.

Jeff Payne: Sure.

Jennifer Bonine: You always know what's going on there, and then the leadership summit.

Jeff Payne: Great.

Jennifer Bonine: For the folks that aren't here Monday through Thursday, Monday–Tuesday is a lot of longer tutorial sessions, which you give some of those. Yesterday and today are the concurrent sessions, which are the shorter sessions. You get little snippets of information just to kind of get you excited about a topic, and you can delve in further later. What starts tomorrow is the leadership summit.

Jeff Payne: Leadership summit.

Jennifer Bonine: For the folks out there that haven't heard of that, or haven't attended, maybe just give them a little insight into the thought process behind creating that leadership summit, what's the format of it because it's a pretty format.

Jeff Payne: It is a cool format. Where it came from was there was a lot of feedback in the STAR conferences that people wanted more around leadership, more around management, how do I deal with myself as a leader, my people that I have to lead and my boss that you should be leading, right?

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah.

Jeff Payne: You need to lead in all directions.

Jennifer Bonine: Exactly.

Jeff Payne: TechWell decided it made sense to start a day just focused on leadership from a quality and testing perspective.

Jennifer Bonine: Exactly.


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