STARWEST 2006 - Software Testing Conference


ISTQB Certification: Setting the Standard for Tester Professionalism

A good test certification program confirms, through objective exams, the knowledge and professional capabilities of software testers. The International
Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB™) was formed as a non-profit organization to develop and promote just such a certification throughout the world. The ISTQB™ is comprised of volunteer representatives from eighteen

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting

Keeping it Between the Ditches: A Dashboard to Guide Your Testing

As a test manager, you need to know how testing is proceeding at any point during the test. You are concerned with important factors such as test time remaining, resources expended, product quality, and test quality. When
unexpected things happen, you may need additional information. Like the dashboard in your car, a test manager's dashboard is a collection of metrics that

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc

Keyword-Driven Methodology: An Automation Success Story

Successfully implementing any automation tool is challenging. Using keyworddriven testing for system and regression testing is an additional challenge. Paulo Barros shares the techniques he used to build, manage, and deliver

Paulo Barros, Progressive Insurance
Management Networking

Sometimes, it feels as if you're the only test/development/projectmanager/director/VP you know with your particular problems. But I can guarantee you this-you're not alone. If you have problems you'd like to

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

Measuring the "Good" in "Good Enough Testing"

The theory of "good enough" software requires determining the trade off between delivery date (schedule), absence of defects (quality), and feature richness (functionality) to achieve a product which can meet both the customer's
needs and the organization's expectations. This may not be the best approach for pacemakers and commercial avionics software, but it is appropriate for many commercial products. But can we quantify these factors? Gregory Pope

Gregory Pope, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Measuring the End Game of Software Project - Part Deux

The schedule shows only a few weeks before product delivery. How do you know whether you are ready to ship? Test managers have dealt with this question for years, often without supporting data. Mike Ennis has identified six key metrics that will significantly reduce the guesswork. These metrics are percentage of tests complete, percentage of tests passed, number of open defects, defect arrival rate, code churn, and code coverage. These six metrics, taken together, provide a clear picture of your product's status.

Mike Ennis, Savant Tecnology

Open Source Tools for Web Application Performance Testing

OpenSTA is a solid open-source testing tool that, when used effectively, fulfills the basic needs of performance testing of Web applications. Dan Downing will introduce you to the basics of OpenSTA including downloading and installing

Dan Downing, Mentora Inc
Practical Model-Based Testing for Interactive Applications

Model-based tests are most often created from state-transition diagrams. Marlon Vieria generates automated system tests for many Siemens systems from use cases and activity diagrams. The generated test cases are then executed using a commercial Capture-Replay tool. Marlon begins by describing the types of models used, the roles of those models in test generation, and the basic test

Marlon Vieira, Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.
Preparing the Test Team to Go Agile

When we read about agile development, we find developers using nUnit for unit testing while customers are using FIT for acceptance tests. But where are the testers? You know--those folks who have years of experience in testing. Is there a place for testers in the agile world? Janet Gregory believes there is and shares specific things that you and your test team need to understand to effectively work within the agile context. It is important to adhere to the agile values and principles while improving the product's quality.

Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc.

Quantifying the Value of Your Testing to Management

Congratulations, you're a true testing expert. You know all there is to know about test planning, design, execution and reporting, performance tests, usability tests, regression tests, agile, SCRUM, and all the rest. But it’s still
possible that your IT executives and business stakeholders do not fully understand the value of your work. It's time to communicate with them in a language they understand: Return on Investment (ROI). Arya Barirani will show you how to calculate the ROI of common test activities including test

Arya Barirani, Mercury


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