STARWEST 2003 - Software Testing Conference


STARWEST 2003: How To Break Software Security

We have all experienced the "thrill" of functional testing, going through requirements and then crafting test cases to ensure that the application behaves according to specifications. While this method has its place, it misses many classes of bugs, especially security bugs. For example, security bugs can manifest as extra functionality that may not violate requirements directly, but still expose catastrophic holes in software.

Herbert Thompson, Security Innovation LLC
STARWEST 2003: Rapid Web Testing in a High-Velocity Environment

It’s going live tonight! How can I test Web changes when I have only a few hours for testing? In this session, Greg Paskal presents the Minimal Essential Testing Strategy (METS) designed to aid in your rapidly changing Web environment. This creative technique will enhance your Web testing efforts, regardless of time constraints or type of application. Walk away with a starter strategy and ways to adapt this new process to your organization’s needs.

Greg Paskal, Kinko's

STARWEST 2003: Surviving The Top Ten Challenges of Software Test Automation

Although test automation has been around for years, many organizations still have difficulty making automated testing a reality. Although organizations see the value in using automated test tools, research shows that most organizations perform more manual testing than automated testing. This presentation examines the big challenges in test automation and describes ways that successful organizations have overcome them. Learn how to apply these lessons in your organization to add value to your testing efforts.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc

STARWEST 2003: Testing Dialogues - Management Issues

Testing dialogues are a unique platform for you to share your ideas and learn from experienced testers from around the world. In this double session, test managers engage in in-depth, small group discussions with their peers. You'll share your expertise and experiences, learn from others’ challenges and successes, and generate new topics in real-time.

Facilitated by Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman
Static Testing of Source Code

What is static testing of source code and why it is one of the most efficient testing techniques for your software projects? Peter Zimmerer explains how to perform static testing and shares valuable experiences, best practices, and pitfalls from his testing projects. Learn how to maximize the benefits of static testing in your projects and avoid the mistakes many make in using this technique. Although not restricted to a specific programming language, this presentation features examples of static testing using C and C++.

Peter Zimmerer, Siemens

Survival Skills for Today's Test Managers and Test Teams

Build and keep a strong QA/testing team valued by upper management while successfully competing for limited IT budgets. William Ginn shares his success at strengthening his team in a chaotic and changing development environment. Use the tools at your disposal (scheduling, bug tracking, version management, test case management, and test automation) to build reliability and structure, and to expose QA’s value and contribution to the organization through defined measurements.

Bill Ginn,
Test Automation with Open Source Tools in an Agile SDLC Process

Test automation, open source tools, and agile methods are three important trends in software development. The instructors present a case study of a project where the project team integrated these three methods to build and deliver a critical application. Using automated testing as a foundation piece of the process the team met the demands of an aggressive schedule while responding to fluctuating requirements.

Peter Dignan, ProtoTest LLC
Testing A Complex Multi-Media System wiht Action Words

Testing games is in many ways similar to testing many complex, multi-media applications. In this hands-on presentation, Hans Buwalda demonstrates practical ways to automatically test a game using an intelligent, model-driven robot. Learn a straightforward technique using action words that you can apply in a wide variety of complex testing situations. The only technology you need to get started is an everyday spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear Corporation

Testing Beyond Section 508 Compliance for Accessibility

In the software and Web site testing arenas, you must evaluate your commitment to Section 508 compliance, as well as the accessibility of products and applications to people with disabilities. Juanita Fischer presents testing techniques and processes you can use to ensure that your product or Web application is accessible to everyone, not just Section 508 compliant.

Juanita Fischer, Joint Interoperability Test Command
Testing Dialogues: Technical Issues

Test professionals face a myriad of issues with immature development technologies, changing systems environments, increasingly complex applications, and 24/7 reliability demands. We must choose the right methodology and best testing techniques to meet these challenges, all with a limited set of tools and not enough time. In this double-track session, you'll be able to ask for help from your peers, share you expertise with the group, and develop some new approaches to your biggest challenges.

Facilitated by Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman


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