STAREAST 2004 - Software Testing Conference


Quantifying the Cost of Test Escapes

Creating an effective test strategy is an expensive undertaking for complex software applications. While the money invested in the process is relatively easy to measure, the return on that investment (ROI) is much harder to quantify. Duncan Lane discusses an objective, metrics-driven approach his organization employs to evaluate the financial benefits of testing and to assess the right level of investment in testing. Find out how to identify the best areas for future investment in testing at your company.

Duncan Lane, Hewlett-Packard
Quick Start to Quality - Five Important Test Support Practices

As testers, we understand the virtues of clear equirements, effective configuration management, software inspections and reviews, project planning, and project tracking. But how does your test group influence the organization to improve in these areas? Sometimes the test group has to use shortcuts, partial implementations, and even a clandestine approach to get things done.

Louise Tamres, The Tamres Group
STAREAST 2004: Model-Based Testing for Java and Web-Based GUI Applications

Model-based testing for Java applications is difficult with many of the tools existing today, thus requiring a scripting language that allows for the creation and manipulation of complex data structures and more. Learn about the obstacles to implementing model-based testing for Java and HTML applications and the programming required for model-based testing. During the presentation, Jeff Feldstein demonstrates how to use XDE Tester's ScriptAssure and Java to create an HTML application model.

Jeff Feldstein, Cisco Systems Inc.
Test Automation with Open Source Tools using An Agile Development Process

Test automation, open source tools, and agile methods are three important trends in software development. By employing and integrating all three, a project team at Comcast was able to quickly build and deliver a critical application to its customers. Pete Dignan and Dan Lavender discuss the rationale behind the decision to follow an XP-like process in this case study. They explain how the

Peter Dignan, ProtoTest LLC
Test Automation: An Architected Solution

What does it take to produce automation "testware" that is efficient, effective, maintainable, and usable? Find out what you need to know to build testware that supports code re-use, encapsulation (on many levels), recursion, object-oriented methods, testing maturity, and usability. Dan Young shows you how to implement a test automation architecture that is highly reliable and can last the entire life of the product-not just during the project.

Dan Young, Schwab Performance Technologies
Test Driven Project Management

In Test-Driven Development (TDD), you write a test that fails before you write the code that makes the test pass. Expanding on that concept, Glenayre Technologies set up its test organization to drive project management issues, too. The test group there serves as a catalyst for involving customers early in the process, resolving issues between development and product management and making sure that management has realistic expectations about the project.

Scott Lazenby, Glenayre Technologies
Test Metrics: A Practical Approach To Tracking and Interpretation

You can improve the overall quality of a software project through the use of test metrics. Test metrics can be used to track and measure the efficiency, effectiveness, and the success or shortcomings of various activities of a software development project. While it is important to recognize the value of gathering test metrics data, it is the interpretation of that data which makes the metrics meaningful or not.

Shaun Bradshaw, Questcon Technologies Inc

Test Outsourcing Approach and Implementation

If your organization is considering outsourcing some parts of its testing activities, you'll learn valuable lessons from UBS Investment Bank's approach to and implementation of test outsourcing. By utilizing a component-based operational model for test execution, automation, and environment management, UBS was able to outsource many low-level test functions and focus their smaller in-house test groups on strategy and process issues.

Keith Klain, UBS Investment Bank

Testing "Best Practices": From Microsoft's Context to Yours

Testing is a never-ending series of trade-off decisions, what to test and what not to test; when to stop testing and release the product; how to budget your testing resources for automated vs. manual testing; how much code coverage is good enough; and much more. To make these difficult judgement calls, we often turn to the "best practices" recommended by testing experts and others who have encountered similar problems.

Barry Preppernau, Microsoft Corporation
Testing Dialogues- Management Issues

Looking for a way to gain feedback from you testing peers
on real-world issues? Testing dialogues are a unique
platform for you to share your ideas and learn from
experienced testers from around the world. Facilitated by
Johanna Rothman and Esther Derby, these two-hour track

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.


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