Software Test Automation Fall 2003


Implementing an Enterprise Monitoring Solution: Testing and Operations Deliver Together

Achieving high levels of availability and scalability for large server environments is a challenge that impacts all aspects of application design, development, testing, deployment, and operations. In this presentation, Nancy Landau provides a real-world case study of a successful implementation of a multi-layered enterprise system that supports 600-plus servers in multiple sites.

Nancy Landau, Fidelity Information Services
In the Beginning ..Testing Web Services (.NET and Otherwise)

A Web service provides an interface for sending and receiving information, but it doesn't have a user interface. Instead, everything is done via requests and methods. So how does one go about testing such interfaces? Programmatically, that's how. In this presentation you'll be introduced to the concept of Web services and how they work. Tom Arnold even walks you through how to create tests using Perl, Python, and VB-like languages.

Thomas Arnold, Xtend Development, Inc.
Just Enough Software Test Automation

To answer the question ''How much test automation is enough?'' we have to look at the areas of the software testing process that can be automated, followed by the areas that should be automated, as well as what levels and types of tests will be automated.

Daniel Mosley, Daniel Mosley & Associates
Load and Scalability Testing: Automation Issues and Solutions

This paper discusses how to assess system performance, response time and throughput, how to test the ability of a system and its supporting infrastructure to handle loads and stresses, how to test system robustness and the capability to recover from errors, how to test systems for scalability, and how to automate performance, load, stress, and robustness testing.

Ross Collard, Collard and Company
Obtaining Management Buy-In and Support for Your Test Automation Efforts

The success of your test automation efforts often depends not only on you and your team, but on your management as well. The number one complaint from test automation teams is that they don't have management support for their test efforts. But what can you do to get through to them? Communicating with management on their terms will go a long way towards making your case. By putting yourself in their frame of mind, you can speak on their terms, thereby increasing the likelihood your message will be understood.

Eric Patel, RapidSQA
Optimize Application Infrastructure Performance Before Going Live

Our surveys have shown that over 75 percent of applications fail to meet their performance goals. With today's complex multi-tier systems and integration projects, finding these performance bottlenecks can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Customers need a systematic approach to identifying, isolating and resolving performance bottlenecks prior to going live. Mr. Radhakrishnan will address methodology and technology available today to solve performance problems for multi-tier systems in a deployment or production setting.

Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Mercury Interactive
People Issues in Test Automation

This session uncovers some of the key people issues you'll likely be confronted with as a team leader or test manager when using test automation. Examine alternative team structures, automation roles, common problems, and tips for obtaining fast payback.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants

Reduce Risk Using Security QA Automation Techniques

Security QA testing is still in its infancy, yet the number of vulnerabilities found in applications is increasing-up by 75 percent in 2001 according to Gartner Group. Although software teams are learning about the types of coding and configuration errors that expose vulnerabilities in an application, a comprehensive QA methodology must be applied to reduce security risk. This means testers need a security policy that can serve as the basis for automated tests.

Alexander Mouldovan, Cenzic Inc
Smaller-Scale Web Sites Need Performance Testing Too!

Even a smaller-scale Web site requires careful planning and execution of performance tests. Making the critical decisions in a timely manner and identifying the performance goals are still prerequisites to a successful test. However, smaller sites don't necessarily have the resources required to do large-scale testing, so compromises have to be made. This requires good test planning. The instructor explains the testing of a small site looking to grow, as well as the successes and pitfalls of achieving reasonable goals.

Dale Perry, Software Quality Engineering

Software Test Automation 2003: Implementing a Test Automation Framework

This paper will teach you the keys to test automation success and tell you how to design test library architectures. Also discussed are the pros and cons of using test automation tools.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft


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