SM/ASM 2003 - Software Management & Applications of Software Measurement


Software Development on Internet Time-Faster, Cheaper, Worse?

This article details high profile corporate disasters and how your company can avoid making the same mistakes. Checklists and tips on how to get your team to communicate better are also included.

Girish Seshagiri, Advanced Information Services
Software Engineering Optimization: Measurement and Managing Change

Technical leaders and software managers face constant changes in the technology and processes used to develop and deliver applications. Discover appropriate measurements to assess and manage your projects. Discover where the optimization opportunities are in your organization, and learn what to where the optimization opportunities are in your organization, and learn what to do when things don't work out, and see how to rapidly diagnose and correct the problems.

Ram Chillarege, Chillarege Inc.
State of the Practice in Application Development: A Basis for Benchmarking

This presentation explains why knowing broad industry trends regarding application development is not enough to ensure a successful project. AD should be tightly bound to businesses. Existing measures need to be reviewed and service levels for usefulness in measuring attainment of goals that directly support each line of business need to be considered. Read on as the author details these and other important points.

Robert Solon, Gartner Inc
Team Size and Its Effect on Peer Reviews

This article discusses the prerequisites to quantitative management. How to create effective teams by determining recommended team size for inspections is also discussed.

Mark Paulk, Carnegie Mellon University
Techniques for Measuring Software Quality

A software defect is any flaw or imperfection in a software work product. A software defect is the result of a mistake in the design of a software process. In this article you will learn and gain an understanding of the software measurement processes, practices, and methods for: managing the quality of software products, improving the quality of software processes and procedures, and applying quantitative principles to your work for measuring quality.

James Rozum, Union Switch & Signal Inc
Testing is About Requirements Specification - An Agile View

This article details how to manage your XP Programming project.

Robert Martin, Object Mentor
The Importance of Discovery: Step One in Managing Web Development Projects

Web based projects don't always get treated like software
development projects. Why? Because creative design frequently drives them. It's important to develop your Web project using the same best practices that are used in software development projects.

Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
The Real Job of Software Managers

Presentation not available online. Speaker will make presentation available electronically to all participants.
For more information, please contact Andy Kaufman at [email protected]

Andy Kaufman, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development

The Reality of XP: A Real World Case Study

This article explains what XP Programming is and how implementing it can benefit your team.

Drake Kirkham, Cirrus Systems Corporation
The Soft Side of Software - People Factors in Software Development

Developing software is all about communicating effectively. It's important to understand requirements and document project information appropriately. These tips and more are provided in this article to help your team work together more effectively.

Gary Pollice, Rational Software


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