Agile Development Practices 2008


Test-Driven Development Takes On Embedded Software

Embedded software developers face the same challenges as other software developers-unpredictable schedules, poor quality, and the problems that follow. In addition, embedded software developers must overcome the realities of concurrent hardware/software development, scarce target hardware availability, long download times, high deployment costs, as well as the challenges of testing embedded C.

James Grenning, Renaissance Software Consulting, Co.
Test-Driven Everything

When you hear people talk about test-first or test-driven, you probably think of testing the code. Test-driven practices help developers reduce defects and increase the value in the code and the designs they deliver. Sadly, "test-driven" is too often confined to the coding trenches, and project communities miss the value of test-driven as a way to produce more value and less waste in other areas. David Hussman challenges you to think about test-driven beyond the coding realm.

David Hussman, DevJam

The Business Value of Pair Programming

After ten years in the public eye, Pair programming (two people seated together, working on the same programming task) is still one of the most controversial of all the agile programming practices. Managers are concerned about the cost of having "two doing the work of one," and developers are concerned about what will happen to their privacy, their reputations, and their personal performance metrics.

Ken Pugh, Net Objectives

Value Stream Mapping - Extending Our View to the Enterprise

What if the process improvements you are trying to make are not where your real problems lie? Assuming where your problems are is often the biggest problem. Alan Shalloway presents value stream maps, a Lean tool that focuses on finding waste in your development process. Alan presents an example of a value stream map that resulted in a twenty percent productivity improvement to the development team without modifying how the team worked.

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives
What are they Doing Down There? A CIO's Perspective on Agile Software Development

What are the factors critical to the success of a CIO? How can a CIO consistently deliver business value? Do development teams, in general, and agile teams, in particular, understand how to contribute to this success? In this interactive presentation, Niel Nickolaisen presents the metrics and drivers that influence CIO behavior and longevity. These metrics and drivers also influence the organization's decision to embrace agile methods.

Niel Nickolaisen, Headwaters, Inc.


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