Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference West 2013


Behavior-Driven Design in Practice

One of software development’s  greatest challenges is combining business needs with technical abilities to build products that customers want. Many development methodologies attempt to achieve this, but Nir Szilagyi and Janarthanan Eindhal think that few connect the dots as well as...

Nir Szilagyi, eBay, Inc. & Janarthanan Eindhal, eBay, Inc.

Better Software Conference West 2013: You Said What? Becoming Aware of the Things We Say

Most of us take language for granted. We use words without thinking about how they may affect others and then are surprised at the reaction we get. Learn the importance of language in building and maintaining high performing agile teams. Become more aware of the words you choose and...

Steven “Doc” List, Santeon Group
Building a Team Backlog: The Power of Retrospectives

“Inspect and adapt” is one of the basic tenets of continuous improvement, and agility in general. Holding retrospectives is one of the core processes that allows teams to look back and reflect on their progress. However, over time, teams may focus only on the product work and lose interest...

Kanchan Khera, McKinsey & Company & Bhuwan Lodha, McKinsey & Company

Building Customer Feedback Loops: Learn Quicker, Design Smarter

Listening to your customers is critical to developing better software. Their feedback enables you to stay in sync with customer expectations, to make changes before those changes become costly, and to pivot if necessary. Sharif shares five practical tips for building, capturing, and scaling..

Sherif Mansour, Atlassian

Building Hyperproductive Agile Teams: Leveraging What Science Knows

The key impediments that prevent many organizations from ever realizing the promise of agile and lean aren’t rooted in processes or tools. The impediments stem from the organization’s leaders. Sharing an interdisciplinary overview of the most compelling science and research in the...

Michael DePaoli, cPrime

Building Quality In

Have you ever delivered software to testing only to receive unexpected feedback regarding quality issues of interoperability, reliability, usability, or testability? Or worse, delivered to customers a product that fully met its specifications but generated complaints and calls for urgent...

Dawn Haynes, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Continuous Delivery at

Continuous delivery is a practice that enables teams to release code at any time, based on changing business requirements. However, continuous delivery requires a substantial investment in infrastructure and possibly fundamental architectural changes to support the process. 

Seng Lin Shee,

Designing Your Team and Organization for Innovation

If innovation is not part of your team or organizational DNA, your company risks falling behind its competitors, losing market share, and demoralizing your best talent. And yet, you cannot create an innovative organization by simply saying “Be innovative” or adding it to the company values...

Jim Elvidge, BigVisible Solutions

Enhancing Developer Productivity with Code Forensics

Imagine an engineering system that could evaluate developer performance, recognize rushed check-ins, and use that data to speed up development. “Congratulations Jane. You know this code well. No check-in test gate for you.”  Anthony Voellm shares how behavioral analysis and developer...

Anthony Voellm, Google, Inc.

Enterprise Lean-Agile: It’s More Than Scrum

Introducing agile development into a large enterprise is like creating a bubble of sanity in the midst of bedlam. Unless the sanity spreads, the effort is ultimately frustrating, frustrated—and fails. Jeff Marr describes the web of the enterprise ecosystem and presents strategies to build...

Jeff Marr, Cisco


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