Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference West 2011


Virtual Tour of an Embedded Agile Team

Embedded systems development often includes special challenges: software tightly coupled to rapidly evolving hardware, an end customer with whom you cannot interact, a long period of infrastructure building before any business-value features are delivered, expectations of ultra-high reliability, and more. These challenges have convinced many embedded developers that agile is not for them. Nancy Van Schooenderwoert takes you on a virtual tour of an actual agile team developing software and firmware for a safety-critical embedded system.

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Lean Agile Partners, Inc.
Writing Excellent Executable Requirements

Many teams build software that does not behave as their customers and users want-and expect. To build the right software the first time, teams need more than written user stories or even detailed specs. Adding "executable requirements" to your specifications toolbox is a way to ensure that the software does what users expect and need day-one. Until now, writing executable requirements mostly has been considered a dark art.

Eric Landes, Press Ganey


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