Build vs. Buy: The Hidden Costs of In-House Software Test Automation

76% of Business Leaders Fear In-House Testing Limits Future Growth. Are You One of Them?

In the dynamic world of software testing, the decisions quality assurance managers make today have profound implications for an organization's future.

Learn about the dilemma facing many decision-makers: building an in-house testing solution or opting for a commercial one. This decision shapes budgets, timelines, and, most crucially, the quality of software delivered to users.

In its pages, you will discover the following:

  • Informed decision-making between building and buying software test automation.
  • The hidden costs of in-house solutions.
  • How commercial software testing solutions offer scalability and cost reduction for your business's growth.

By investing in software test automation, you ensure that your software meets user expectations and adapts to rapid development.

This eBook serves as your comprehensive toolkit for achieving testing excellence, optimizing strategies, and unlocking hidden potential. Learn how AI-driven computer vision technology from Keysight enables testing of anything a human can test without access to the source code.

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