Better Software Magazine Archive:

July/Aug 2013


Piece By Piece: Test Estimation and Planning in Agile Teams
By Ross Collard
Robert Sabourin

The iterative agile methodology provides a clearer vision, smaller time scale, and closer planning horizon. The authors look at approaches to estimation and planning, from product backlog grooming to task-estimating tables and more.

Using Mission and Risk Diagnostics to Enhance Business Continuity
By Noah Gamer

Noah Gamer explains that mission and risk diagnostics provide an excellent approach to risk management for any company. Using these elements together, an organization can create a better business continuity strategy. While risk is not always bad, identifying and mitigating risks can help your organization achieve success.

FAQ: Will a Tester Certification Help Me Get a Better Job?
By Claire Lohr

In this installment of FAQ, SQE Trainer Claire Lohr answers one of the questions students ask her most often.

Can Anyone be a Tester?
By Julie Hurst-Fule

Testers can come from all walks of life, but can anyone be a tester? It’s time for testers to clean up the craft and regain their respect.

As You Wish
By Joey McAllister

A letter from the Better Software magazine editor.

Things Change (and So Should Processes)
By Jonathan Kohl

Much like the VCRs of yesteryear, our software development processes are not going to last forever. They’ll fall out of favor, while new and stronger concepts replace them. Jonathan Kohl writes about coping with process evolution in the quest to improve software.

Not Just a Number: The Real Value of Metrics
By Joanne Perold

Metrics can be enormously helpful, but only if they’re used correctly. Abuse them, and they will drive dysfunction. Study the stories behind the data to find the real value.

How to Build a Successful Team: Analysis, Motivation, and Beyond
By Lloyd Roden

It takes more than just gathering a bunch of skilled testers in a room together to make a great test team. Learn how to analyze individual tester types, motivate your team, and achieve success.

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