tapQA | Nearshore / Remote Testing in an Uncertain Market

Nearshore / Remote Testing in an Uncertain Market

The decade of the 2010’s solidified how critically important the Quality Assurance function is for all Software and Technology organizations. It also became a time where offshoring critical testing activities fell out of favor for many organizations, due to the following concerns:

  • Time management – particularly due to time zone gaps

  • Lack of transparency and visibility of work product and resources

  • Heavy turnover in testing positions leading to learning curves in new resources

  • Communication struggles leading to unclear deliverables

  • Difficulty to adhere to Agile environment

tapQA was founded with the goal of bringing software testing jobs back to America, and helping companies lessen their reliance on offshore software testing services by providing cost-competitive onshore testing services. Our onshore service, tapLAKESHORE, provides so many advantages when compared to offshore and its many drawbacks. This case study details the benefits one organization reaped when moving from offshore to the tapLAKESHORE onshore testing model.

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