Pivoting to Codeless Test Automation, Provided by Subject7

Pivoting to codeless automation does not happen with the push of a button. Planning change requires an intentional and objective look at your testing practices, the skills and preferences of your existing team, and any new stakeholders in the process. That can mean a range of users possessing the hard skills of experienced testers, all the way to business analysts with minimal testing experience.

Codeless testing tools promise simplicity, empowering non-coders to create intelligent test cases. They also enable technical testers to scale and accelerate testing without writing any code.

This guide provides an internal approach to help formulate:

  • The starting points and considerations before pivoting to codeless test automation
  • The requirements and necessary skills to kickstart your journey

Gain insights on how to assess your organization’s readiness and better understand your team’s capacity as you embark on your automation journey. Download to learn more.


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