Increasing Code Quality with Automation and Machine Learning Provided by Launchable

In the struggle to ship code out the door faster, are you also creating a potential future time bomb, ignoring code quality? Sometimes it can be challenging to get buy-in about the value of high-quality code. Many short-sighted managers are only worried about the here and now–and don't see the growing snowball of technical debt that is accumulating and will eventually come rolling their way.

This eGuide has articles, case studies, and other resources that speak to the value of code quality and how you can use automation and machine learning to optimize it.

Explore this comprehensive eGuide to read these valuable resources:

  • 6 Steps for Succeeding with Test Automation in Agile
  • Dealing with a Test Automation Bottleneck
  • How AI is Transforming Software Testing
  • What’s Our Job When the Machines Do Testing?
  • How to Build a Data-Driven DevOps Decision Making Culture
  • The Evolution of DevOps Testing Tools
  • How to Deliver Code Faster With Test Automation Powered by Machine Learning
  • Defensive Design Strategies to Prevent Flaky Tests




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