How is Testing Changing? - Provided by Worksoft

How Is Testing ChangingIn the new Digital Age, the old ways of testing do not seem to work as well as they used to. The pressure on IT from business means more dynamic, rapid, event-driven software development and change processes are required. This creates ever-changing IT environments, which puts pressure on testing and testers to do more in less time, and there is a risk that testing becomes an unacceptable bottleneck. Something must change, and it is the approach to testing that has to be re-thought. The skills needed by people who test are changing and the human aspects of collaboration are becoming even more important as end-to-end and regression testing are expected to fit into shorter delivery times.

This paper outlines the pressures on testing and offers a new, logistics-neutral model that describes how testers think, as well as offering guidance on skills, attitudes and guidelines for implementing more responsive, automated regression regimes.

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