Cutting Through The Noise: End The Battle Between Security and Development Provided by Wabbi

Have you ever asked yourself “why does deploying security in our DevOps pipeline have to be so hard”?  Spoiler alert, it doesn’t.  

For years, development teams have focused on increasing their agility and decreasing speed to market. In doing so they have left security as an afterthought, leading to inevitable friction between development & security teams, not to mention vulnerabilities in shipped code. 

However, you now have an option to deploy security measures ahead of the development cycle ensuring your code is secure while not slowing down your CI/CD pipeline. Enter continuous security.

This eBook will cover:

  • Improving performance by enjoining development teams with operations teams in one cohesive process

  • Having systems and practices in place to guard against bugs before code is released

  • The importance of getting security, just like testing, to be an integral part of the development and deployment process

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