Building Software at Scale with SAFe® 5.0 and Atlassian Tools: A Pragmatic Guide Provided by Adaptavist

The software products being built today are bigger and more complex than ever before, and the resulting demand has pushed existing development practices to their breaking point. The Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise® (SAFe®) has emerged to meet this need, and has quickly become the leading approach large companies are taking to keep ahead of the growth curve and unleash the full potential of an agile organisation.

A crucial part of any SAFe® implementation is the choice of tools to support it. Atlassian is a leading platform with the necessary flexibility, scalability, and a low barrier to entry. Yet due to the unique needs of every organisation, no SAFe®-friendly toolset is ever simply plug-and-play. Pragmatic guidance from experienced practitioners is an essential enabler in achieving success with the tools.

This white paper shares some of the key methods and techniques developed as Adaptavist helped customers on their journeys with SAFe®. Read on for best practices, learnings from real-world use cases, and pragmatic next step resources to help you on your own pathway to adopting SAFe® with Atlassian tools.

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