AI-Driven Testing: Bridging the Software Test Automation Gap | Provided by Keysight

Software testing is expensive. Through up-front and recurring investment in labor and assets, organizations spend roughly half of their engineering budget on testing activities. The good news is that automated testing efforts have begun to improve through recent advances in AI and machine learning.

With this report, you will learn how AI-driven approaches are helping organizations overcome problems that traditional automated testing tools just can’t touch. This report examines several AI-driven software testing scenarios. Explore the application of AI and ML to functional, structural performance, and user design testing, and then dive into techniques for automating graphically intensive solutions. 

With this Keysight sponsored report from O’Reilly, you will learn:

  • The challenges and limitations of traditional approaches to software test automation
  • How AI is advancing the state of the art in testing throughout several application domains
  • The costs, benefits, and possible applications of AI-driven testing


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