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From One Expert to Another: Simon Baker From One Expert to Another: Simon Baker

In this interview, author, speaker, and agile tester Lisa Crispin speaks with Simon Baker, cofounder of Energized Work and recipient of the Gordon Pask award, about the approaches and tools his lab uses.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
photo whiteboard showing theme we needed to finish; right side is the new theme We're Agile

I always recommend to teams newly transitioning to agile that they keep every iteration the same length. This helps them learn to manage their time, and after a few iterations they'll start to get a rhythm. Hopefully, they'll learn to work incrementally, doing testing and coding concurrently as part of one development effort, so that user stories are finished throughout the iteration, and testing isn't pushed to the last day.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
Virtual Hudson Build System: The Rest of The Story

The second half of this Hudson-adoption case study sees the team working through some challenges and setbacks. Do they meet their goals? Find out how this virtualization journey ends.

Tony Sweets's picture Tony Sweets
screenshots of the new project in Hudson Virtual Hudson Continuous Build Environments: Out with the Old

A continuous build may be a great idea, but it takes more than a great idea to be successful. In this article, Tony Sweets describes his personal experience with difficult build servers and his organization's move toward a continuous build.

Tony Sweets's picture Tony Sweets
When Large Teams Shrink

Ben Weatherall addresses what happens when large teams shrink to the extent that they are considered small. There are several situations where this commonly happens—for example, when a team has been raided by other teams, when the majority of the work has been accomplished and a large team is no longer needed, or when the corporate situation is such that downsizing occurs.

Ben Weatherall's picture Ben Weatherall
Wrangling a Release: The Role of Release Manager

Companies that develop multiple products often struggle with how to ensure they all work together as a solution and struggle with how to get the deliverables from various products together into a working release. Project managers and product managers have other priorities to handle. So who handles a release that wrangles together multiple project deliverables from multiple products that define a solution or complex release? The answer is the Release Manager.

Mario  Moreira's picture Mario Moreira
The Advantages of a Pipelined Approach for Build and Deployment Automation

Automation is required to build and deploy software applications consistently. Automation is necessary to build and deploy software applications rapidly. While build and deployment automation is essential for modern software development, not all approaches to automation produce the same results.

Michael Sayko
CM as Communication and Coordination Enabler

This article includes some of the material that Geoff Thorpe presented at a BCS CMSG event where he discussed the control of applications using change management, release management,
and configuration management techniques. He discusses applications control from a hardware and software perspective.

Using a Commercial Tool to Automate a Build and Deployment Process

The use of a commercial tool to automate your build and deployment process saves time and money. In this article, Michael Sayko explains how to go about selecting the right tool for your specific project and team's needs, and then how to use that tool efficiently.

Michael Sayko
Breaking News: Build Still Important, but Deployment Is King!

Brad Appleton, Robert Cowham, and Steve Berczuk continue to explore the role of build and deployment in configuration management. While the details may change from year to year as technology evolves, the underlying principles remain the same. Regarding building, we are going to take the opportunity to provide a guide to some of our previous articles that still hold true.


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