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Rocks Build Management Essentials: The Basics and More

In theory, build management is simple. But like many aspects of IT, in reality, it's quite complex. This article introduces the basics of build management and provides a foundation on which to build further study.

Joe Townsend's picture Joe Townsend
Personality Factors That Influence Core Build and Release Management Practices

Leslie Sachs discusses the key people skills essential to appreciating how and which personality factors most impact one's ability to successfully implement core build and release management practices.

Leslie  Sachs's picture Leslie Sachs
Virtual Hudson Build System: The Rest of The Story

The second half of this Hudson-adoption case study sees the team working through some challenges and setbacks. Do they meet their goals? Find out how this virtualization journey ends.

Tony Sweets's picture Tony Sweets
screenshots of the new project in Hudson Virtual Hudson Continuous Build Environments: Out with the Old

A continuous build may be a great idea, but it takes more than a great idea to be successful. In this article, Tony Sweets describes his personal experience with difficult build servers and his organization's move toward a continuous build.

Tony Sweets's picture Tony Sweets
When Large Teams Shrink

Ben Weatherall addresses what happens when large teams shrink to the extent that they are considered small. There are several situations where this commonly happens—for example, when a team has been raided by other teams, when the majority of the work has been accomplished and a large team is no longer needed, or when the corporate situation is such that downsizing occurs.

Ben Weatherall's picture Ben Weatherall
The Advantages of a Pipelined Approach for Build and Deployment Automation

Automation is required to build and deploy software applications consistently. Automation is necessary to build and deploy software applications rapidly. While build and deployment automation is essential for modern software development, not all approaches to automation produce the same results.

Michael Sayko
Value of Configuration Management by Agile Professionals

Mario Moreira surveyed recently surveyed agile professionals to find out just how valuable CM processes and tools are to them. While there was a noticeable difference in opinion between different responder age groups, the overall response was overwhelmingly positive in CM's favor.

Mario  Moreira's picture Mario Moreira
If Your Build Fails and No One is Around to Hear It, Does It Make a Sound?

Continuous Integration build tools are great: they help us ensure our product works after every commit, keep historical data and metrics, build our product for all target environments, and do many more useful things. But there's one key aspect that often gets overlooked: They're fun.

Daniel Wellman's picture Daniel Wellman
Using a Commercial Tool to Automate a Build and Deployment Process

The use of a commercial tool to automate your build and deployment process saves time and money. In this article, Michael Sayko explains how to go about selecting the right tool for your specific project and team's needs, and then how to use that tool efficiently.

Michael Sayko
Continuous Integration and Enterprise Build Automation

How often have you or one of your teammates checked the source code into the code library which then instantly triggered an automated build?  How many times did this instant build succeed? Do you have an automated build and release system that ensures your software is built in the same way each and every time? Are deployments to staging environments entirely automated and executed with a single click? While reviewing a defect in a production release, are you able to backtrack through the source code changes and identify the root cause of failure? If the last good checkin happened a few days ago, identification of this root cause of failure would become even more difficult. Seasoned CM practitioners advise that you perform a daily build to avoid such integration issues. What an irony it is that only a few projects take advantage of this simple, yet powerful technique known as Continuous Integration (CI).

Mayank Gupta


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