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Streamlining Build Processes and Configuration Management Streamlining Build Processes and Configuration Management for Truly Agile Organizations

Technology-driven companies, regardless of size and scale, are facing the increasing need to ship better code faster while meeting business requirements. This requires collaboration and interaction among the traditional information technology infrastructure library (ITIL), information technology service management (ITSM), and development teams for a truly agile organization to emerge.

Rohit Mukherjee's picture Rohit Mukherjee
 CM Professionals Need to Know about Business Requirements What CM Professionals Need to Know about Business Requirements

While we know the technology, some configuration management (CM) experts don’t always have a strong enough business focus, which can be a real problem. Read on if you would like to understand what CM professionals need to know about business requirements and how CM can directly impact the business itself.

Bob Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
How to Build Reliable Systems How to Build Reliable Systems

Bob Aiello describes some of the essential techniques necessary to ensure that systems can be upgraded and supported while enabling the business through frequent and continuous delivery of new system features.

Bob Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
Eight Mistakes that Prevent DevOps Success Eight Mistakes that Prevent DevOps Success

DevOps is more than just a buzzword; it’s about delivering value to customers faster and more reliably. Jonathan Thorpe explains eight mistakes that can dramatically increase cycle time and slow the flow of releases to customers, which is counter to the goals of DevOps.

Jonathan Thorpe's picture Jonathan Thorpe
Guidelines for Building a Monolithic Release Management System

The release management system is an important component of the service-transition process. This article highlights the importance of building a monolithic release management system, which encompasses all of the functions and processes necessary to support application build, package, and deployment. The monolithic release management is holistic, comprehensive, and based upon industry best practices. These guidelines are applicable for any type of organization or projects of any size.

Pradeep Prabhu's picture Pradeep Prabhu
Crossing The DevOps Divide of Complex Personalities

IT organizations often face challenges ranging from complex technology to even more complex personalities. DevOps attempts to address the dynamics between IT operations and highly skilled software and systems delivery teams. Read on if you would like to improve your skills in dealing with these challenging dynamics.

Leslie  Sachs's picture Leslie Sachs
Don't Forget Operations' Point of View in DevOps

Much of what is written about DevOps—a set of principles that helps development and operations teams work more effectively together—is delivered from the perspective of developers. In my opinion, DevOps needs to also take an operations point of view in order to be effective and practical. This article is all about putting the “ops” back into DevOps, so to speak.

Bob Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
Got Configuration Management Best Practices?

Why is it that we keep revisiting configuration management “best practices”? It is not that they are not well covered. It is because they keep changing and every time we look at the process of development from a different perspective, we learn something new. Ben Weatherall found that what we do under the guise of CM differs in how we identify the problems to be solved, how we address those problems, and even what tools are appropriate.

Ben Weatherall's picture Ben Weatherall
Defining a Software Configuration Management Process to Improve Quality

Joe Farah explains that to successfully build a software configuration management (SCM) process, you must have a solid understanding of the objects you need to manage and a good feel for what SCM is supposed to accomplish.

Joe Farah's picture Joe Farah
Taking DevOps Mainstream

In this article, Shawn Edmondson describes how the rise of DevOps can be measured right alongside the rise of cloud in its level of mainstream acceptance. Learn how DevOps takes a common sense approach to development while using agile methodologies and automation at the same time.

Shawn Edmondson


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