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Integrating Developer Tools: Intuition vs. Reality

While many people intuitively feel that we should integrate the development tools we use in our software development environment to better manage the development team, the task of actually doing so can sometimes be as big if not bigger than the software project we are trying to develop. It's hard enough trying to implement individual software development tools while you are in the throes of building software, let alone get multiple sets of these tools to start synchronizing and talking to one another.

Charles Edwards
The Future of Code Coverage Tools

Modern optimizing compilers  are becoming increasingly dependent on dynamic profile information. Because the profile information collected by these compilers also is sufficient for QA, it is likely that code-coverage analysis will become an integrated development environment option. This integration should help to simplify your code development and testing processes and should also improve the accuracy of your coverage information and the performance of your optimized code.

David  Sehr's picture David Sehr
Beyond Compare 3 for Testers: An Evaluation Beyond Compare 3 for Testers: An Evaluation

This article is an evaluation of Beyond Compare as it can be used in a software testing context. Jey and Areeb discuss what the tool does, specific ways it is used, similar tools, learning curves, support, and licensing.

Areeb Shams Jey Sabapathipillai


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