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Agile Designer™ is the ultimate test case design tool from Grid-Tools. Agile Designer™ lets you design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, you can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

The software gives the ability to ensure that you cover 100% of the requirements in the minimal number of tests. You can also accurately estimate costs at the click of a button, optimize tests, manage changing requirements, reduce defect creation by 95%, manage outsourcing and more.

BenderRBT has two test design engines: Cause-Effect Graphing and Pair Wise. The Graphing engine is the only test tool that designs tests that ensure that defects are propagated to an observable point. Its tests maximize coverage while minimizing the number of tests. It does a logical consistency check on the requirements and can generate an as built spec from the test model - critical for agile projects.

The Pair Wise engine supports both orthogonal pairs and optimized pairs.

Both engines do strong negative testing.

ClicAutomate is built on a script-less test automation approach expedites automation testing. It also supports agile testing with the ability to handle ever-evolving changes in requirements, test cases and application UI. Very low learning time and high pace test creation makes ClicAutomate the most preferable test automation tool; reusability, traceability and the need of no technical knowledge makes it an exceptional.

Framework comprises real-time test execution engine, script development environment, test flow drag-and-drop creation, test management. Programmable asynchronous events on communication channels are supported for protocol emulation, data capturing and CLI automation. Serial, Telnet, TCP, UDP, HTTP and more protocols are instrumented. DLL, ActiveX, COM-objects are easily integrated into scripts. Test cases aggregated into suites are launched as jobs targeted to specific setups. Incorporate job launch directives into the software build to enhance your Continuous Integration Process. Built-in MySQL database enables querying for in-depth results analysis.

Testwell CTC++ is a tool for measuring code coverage of C and C++ programs. Supported coverages: statement, function, decision, condition, MC/DC, multicondition. Applicable also on dynamic analysis: execution profiling, function timing, call tracing. Simple instrumentation phase. Light instrumentation overhead (size, speed). Textual, HTML, XML and Excel reporting. Support for embedded targets in a target-independent way. Special support package (add-on) for Symbian OS target devices.

A complete test data management solution with the ability to provision high-quality, secure test data fit for purpose.
Datamaker focuses on four core modules as part of a complete test data management strategy: database subsetting, data masking, test data generation and data coverage analysis.
The technology is used to provision the right kind of data for successful testing and development. It adopts an agile approach by automating complicated processes and easily maintaining referential integrity across challenging environments

DevSuite is a complete ALM solution covering requirements management, project planning, implementation tracking, and QA testing. It provides a single unified platform for both agile and traditional development, and the industry’s most comprehensive requirement traceability from concept through specification, planning, implementation, testing, and release.

Engine Lab Software is an outsourcing software development company based in Ireland and serving companies from Ireland, UK and America.

Hexawise is a test design tool that often doubles software testing productivity. Hexawise transforms how test architects select and document tests.

Our easy-to-use test design tool enables testers to zero in on a relatively small set of unusually powerful tests using proven Design of Experiments-based methods that have been widely used in other industries and increasingly in software testing.

For new users, Hexawise is pairwise testing made easy. Expert users can also take advantage of its far more powerful capabilities.

IBM Rational Manual Tester is a manual test authoring and execution tool that promotes test step reuse to reduce the impact of software change on testers and business domain experts. Manual Tester employs principles of automation, organization, and reuse to provide a highly efficient, simple to use manual testing solution for any industry relying on manual validation efforts.

IBM® Rational® Quality Manager is a Jazz-built web-based centralized test management environment for business, system and IT decision makers and quality professionals who seek a collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting capable of quantifying how project decisions and deliverables impact and align with business objectives.

The lack of integration among open-source test automation frameworks amid unaffordable commercial solutions is a major challenge for effectively applying test automation.

Katalon Studio is a powerful automation solution to help address this challenge. It offers a comprehensive and integrated set of features ranging from recording test steps, generating scripts to executing and reporting test results for Web and mobile apps test automation.

Katalon Studio revolutionizes the use of open-source test automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium by eliminating their technical complexities to allow testers to efficiently setup, create, run, report and manage their automated tests. It also offers a viable alternative to commercial test automation solutions that are unaffordable to many small and medium-sized teams. Katalon Studio is made available to the test automation community at no cost. It can be downloaded from

LISA offers Service Virtualization, Defect Collaboration, automated Testing and Cloud-based Development Lab solutions through a single, unified product platform. Using LISA, customers eliminate constraints from the software development lifeycle, reduce manual labor costs of testing, and mitigate the risks of change and complexity for more reliable outcomes.

MSTAR® is the industry's most advanced testing process. This intranet-ready repository provides complete field-proven guidelines, templates, and samples for a risk-based and measurable testing process. MSTAR® also enables successful test automation with a tool-independent automation architecture proven to reduce maintenance and resource costs while dramatically improving long-term benefits. MSTAR® includes complete guidelines for reusable test planning and test data management. It covers all test levels including performance testing.

OpKey can integrate with any of your existing automation tools. We support 10+ automation tools including Selenium, Sahi, HP UFT, IBM RFT, TestComplete & Appium making OpKey truly a tool agnostic platform. OpKey allows for effortless scripting by BAs and SMEs and reduces scripting and maintenance time significantly. It also provides support for Gherkin and BDD with seamless integration with Jira, Jenkins, Bamboo ensures that you are ready for DevOps Integration from Day 1. OpKey supports Agile like no one else,

pCloudy is the most powerful cloud based App Testing Platform. It has the most comprehensive set of Mobile Devices and Tools to Improve Quality of your App.

pCloudy provides single click access to 500+ Android and IOS devices directly from your browser. You can use these real Mobile Devices to click-and-perform Manual Testing and Automation Testing for your App. You can also Integrate pCloudy with CI for continuous Automation.

PE Explorer provides software engineers the necessary tools for disassembly and inspection of unknown binaries, modifying the properties of executable files and customizing and translating their resources. With PE Explorer, you can apply a professional approach to research and reverse engineering of win32 EXE and DLL files. Leveraging the power of PE Explorer Disassembler, you can rapidly analyze the procedures and libraries an executable uses, view a list of the files that are required for an application to run or for a DLL to load.

QF-Test is a cross-platform tool for GUI test automation (Swing, Eclipse/SWT/RCP, Applets, web2.0/AJAX, Ext GWT, Ext JS, GWT, qooxdoo, RAP). It supports regression & load testing, has reliable component recognition and can handle complex objects (scripting Jython & Groovy). Quick success for testers & developers through intuitive user interface, extensive documentation, capture/replay, integrated test debugger and customizable reporting. Robust tests & modularization really pay off and allow a high ROI. Get a free evaluation license.

RSI's flagship product is the Reactis™ embedded-software design automation tool. Reactis supports the automatic generation of thorough yet compact test suites from models of software given in The MathWorks, Inc.'s market-leading Simulink / Stateflow notations. The tool also includes facilities for visualizing the execution of these tests and for running tests on software. Moreover Reactis offers the capability to check the validity of user-defined assertions (requirements) about the correctness of model behavior.

Resource Tuner provides software engineers the necessary tools for modifying the properties of executable files and customizing and translating their resources. Click an executable file to immediately display and edit any images, strings, or icons present in the file. Power users will appreciate the plug-in API and the manifest wizard to easily mark the application as XP-enabled. Other features include automatic UPX unpacking and resource extracting.

DevOps automation platform with Docker support that simplifies provisioning, building, testing, and deploying any application anywhere

SQL Data Generator populates MS SQL Server databases with realistic test data.

Squash TM is one of the best open source and free management test tools for test repository management from the Squash toolkit.
It has been designed for sharing test projects between stakeholders.

Squash TM offers the following features:
- Requirements management
- Test cases management
- Link requirements and test cases
- Campaigns management
- Report management: custom reports (charts, dashboards) for requirements
- Custom fields
- Connection with Bugtrackers: Mantis, Jira, Bugzilla, Trac…
- Dynamic dashboards for each workspace

Squash TM also offers specific features designed for collaborative work:
- Multi- and inter- project possibilities
- "Full web" tool, which does not need to be set up on the client workstation
- Intuitive and ergonomic design, RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology
- Light administration & user management

Squash TM interacts with Squash TA (a toolbox for functional testing automation) and Squash4Jenkins (an open source plugin available on Jenkins marketplace)

For more information on Squash TM, please visit the community website

TBreq is a unique solution that can help development teams overcome the challenges of mapping test specifications, unit testing scenarios, test data and code coverage verification back to their high level design requirements. TBreq interfaces directly with management tools such as IBM® Telelogic® DOORS®, IBM® Rational® RequisitePro®, Microsoft® Word documents or Excel spreadsheets in order to ensure traceability across the complete software lifecycle thus verifying the completeness of the requirements coverage.

Tellurium is your complete solution for collaborative testing and test management. Create, modify, execute, and report on your tests from anywhere on any device with a web browser, easily scaling your manual and automated testing efforts by harnessing the power of the cloud. Tellurium’s “Plain English” automated scripting language goes beyond keyword and data driven testing. Easily leverage from any methodology, including Agile, TDD, and BDD. Our powerful SaaS solution is available at your fingertips as soon as you sign up -- no installation required.

Test Collab is a complete Test Management Tool that supports:

• Test cases and executions management
• Universal test automation integration
• Integration with popular issue managers and bug trackers
• Bi-directional integration
• Interactive Dashboard with key testing metrics
• Flexible Requirements Management
• Test case versioning
• Supports Reusable test steps, test cases, and test suites
• Easy data import and export through Excel, XML and CSV
• Requirements coverage and trace-ability matrix
• Test plans and execution templates management
• Easy team collaboration
• Granular user rights management
• Custom fields
• LDAP and Active Directory

TestBench is available for SQL Server, Oracle and System i. It facilitates the management and manipulation of database and visual layer components and is able to show you what happened in the database as a result of the test process, allowing you to view and interrogate the database effects. Test Data Management functionality enables testers to extract and subset data for test environments, scramble sensitive data and roll-back the database to a previous state if it becomes corrupted.

TestCast (previously known as MessageMagic) is a TTCN-3 test development and execution platform. It can be used for testing software or hardware components in a wide range of industry sectors. Candidate systems for testing with TestCast can be found from the industry sectors where TTCN-3 is widely used as an accepted generic test language - communication, transport and automotive, military and defence.

TestCast includes TTCN-3 editor, compiler, editor and test results analysis tools.

The service advances test design by improving test coverage and efficiency. It uses a pairwise test case generator to give statistically complete test plans with a small number of test cases. The tool is designed for simple operation, easily adapting to complex constraints of configurations and other requirements. Multiple states of the system under test (normal and error handling for example) are easily accommodated. The service has superior test case efficiency and response time. Free student subscriptions on request.

With TestingWhiz, test engineers can effectively automate Functional, Regression and Database Testing of applications leveraging its out-of-the-box and intelligent features like keyword-driven testing, data driven testing, excel inputs, cross-browser testing, image comparison, object recorder, language translation and Java scripting. It offers enough goodies for junior testers as well as experienced testers.

TestOptimal is a suite of tools supporting the integrated test design, test case generation and test automation. Through modeling, you find requirements defects while the product is being developed. Achieve unprecedented test coverage through system generated test sequences from the model. Track requirements coverage and visualize test cases and test coverage. TestOptimal can help you greatly reduce development cycle while gaining higher confidence in your product.

TestOptimal provides an innovative and highly agile test design and test automation framework based on Model-Based Testing (MBT), enabling QA professionals and test engineers to radically improve the quality of test design and test coverage all within the context of an intuitive automation framework. Catch requirement defects early through software behavior modeling. Build a lean, agile automation suites that require less time and effort to adapt to change or maintain. Innovate your testing process with TestOptimal.

Everything we’ve learned about changing software testing for the better is expressed through Tricentis Tosca Testsuite. Our seamless solution gives test teams unprecedented power to measure, manage, and control risk coverage. From the ability to generate test cases based on atomic knowledge of risk, to the simplicity of model-based test automation that enables test execution in plain English, to real-time analytics for proactive optimization, our approach delivers entirely new levels of ease and accuracy while minimizing time, effort, and cost. Tosca Testsuite integrates with SAP, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and other testing solutions, and interfaces with the full range of applications demanded by today’s enterprise environments.

Elvior's XML-Simulator is a black-box test tool for XML messaging applications.

There are a lot of client-server based communication protocols that use XML messages to exchange data between the communicating peers. XML-Simulator is a tool that can be used to create a counterpart application simulator quickly for testing your peer application.

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