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Agile Designer™ is the ultimate test case design tool from Grid-Tools. Agile Designer™ lets you design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, you can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

The software gives the ability to ensure that you cover 100% of the requirements in the minimal number of tests. You can also accurately estimate costs at the click of a button, optimize tests, manage changing requirements, reduce defect creation by 95%, manage outsourcing and more.

CASE Spec provides the power of a word processor and a spreadsheet with database to effectively track requirements and specify systems. Its unique set of analysis and reporting tools makes it the most affordable, cutting-edge, lifecycle management application for software/systems development on the market today.

Engine Lab Software is an outsourcing software development company that caters for all your software development needs.

Engine Lab Software is an outsourcing software development company based in Ireland and serving companies from Ireland, UK and America.

RSI's flagship product is the Reactis™ embedded-software design automation tool. Reactis supports the automatic generation of thorough yet compact test suites from models of software given in The MathWorks, Inc.'s market-leading Simulink / Stateflow notations. The tool also includes facilities for visualizing the execution of these tests and for running tests on software. Moreover Reactis offers the capability to check the validity of user-defined assertions (requirements) about the correctness of model behavior.

TBreq is a unique solution that can help development teams overcome the challenges of mapping test specifications, unit testing scenarios, test data and code coverage verification back to their high level design requirements. TBreq interfaces directly with management tools such as IBM® Telelogic® DOORS®, IBM® Rational® RequisitePro®, Microsoft® Word documents or Excel spreadsheets in order to ensure traceability across the complete software lifecycle thus verifying the completeness of the requirements coverage.

TestOptimal is a suite of tools supporting the integrated test design, test case generation and test automation. Through modeling, you find requirements defects while the product is being developed. Achieve unprecedented test coverage through system generated test sequences from the model. Track requirements coverage and visualize test cases and test coverage. TestOptimal can help you greatly reduce development cycle while gaining higher confidence in your product.

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