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An enterprise ready plug-in into Microsoft Visual Studio™ (Team Suite & Professional) that enables both scriptless or scripted automation recording. It is the Web 2.0 automation recording solution for today''s rich web applications. Build automation in minutes vs hours using our simple but powerful recorder. The recorder brings a new set of innovations into the web testing market including an Automation Overlay Surface™ and a Sentence Based™ verification editor. The recorder is built on top of our rich WebAii™ Automation Framework.

ElectricAccelerator breaks the software production bottleneck by accurately executing builds across a cluster of servers, dramatically reducing build times. Patented technology identifies and corrects job dependencies so you get fast and accurate builds. ElectricAccelerator supports Make, NMake, Ant, SCons and Visual Studio builds. With ElectricAccelerator developers spend less time waiting for builds to complete and can spend more time creating great code.

ElectricCommander is an enterprise-class automation platform for the entire build-test-deploy process. Unlike traditional continuous integration servers, ElectricCommander has an extensible architecture that can scale to support multiple teams, working in multiple locations, and developing for multiple platforms--with a single system. It is simple to roll out, provides traceability for compliance efforts, and supports continuous integration and agile development techniques.

ElectricFlow from Electric Cloud is a suite of products which enable Continuous Delivery by automating build, test and deployment processes, used by businesses like SpaceX, Cisco, GE and E*TRADE. ElectricFlow makes deployments predictable throughout the software delivery cycle, from developer pre-flight builds to complex UAT and production deployments.

Electric Flow provides a graphic editor that enables graphic modeling of even the most complex workflow definitions, and is then able to automate those workflows. Flexible properties and dynamic job step creation, including nested procedures, allows parameterized workflow factories to set up hundreds of workflows with ease, allowing teams to create re-usable best practice workflows.

Engine Lab Software is an outsourcing software development company based in Ireland and serving companies from Ireland, UK and America.

IncrediBuild accelerates development via efficient parallel computing, transforming a local or cloud-based network into a “virtual supercomputer.” Processes are distributed to remote CPU resources for parallel processing, speeding all development tasks, including builds, unit testing, QA scripts, code analysis, code generation, image processing, video and graphics rendering, platform conversion, physical and lighting engine management, compression, etc. IncrediBuild is tuned for development with Visual Studio, Make, MSBuild, Gmake, VSimake, Jam, nAnt, Jom, Python, VsiMake, BJam, Jam+, etc., and on Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, and PlayStation.

Powered by a comprehensive static analysis engine, Klocwork Insight™ combines on-the-fly analysis, drag & drop build reporting and cross-project impact analysis to deliver serious productivity gains to the entire development process. Software teams around the world trust Klocwork Insight to help them develop the most secure and reliable code possible.

Everything we’ve learned about changing software testing for the better is expressed through Tricentis Tosca Testsuite. Our seamless solution gives test teams unprecedented power to measure, manage, and control risk coverage. From the ability to generate test cases based on atomic knowledge of risk, to the simplicity of model-based test automation that enables test execution in plain English, to real-time analytics for proactive optimization, our approach delivers entirely new levels of ease and accuracy while minimizing time, effort, and cost. Tosca Testsuite integrates with SAP, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and other testing solutions, and interfaces with the full range of applications demanded by today’s enterprise environments.

Visual Build Pro is a tool that enables developers, software process engineers, and build specialists to create an automated, repeatable process for building their software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET/2005/2008/2010, Visual Studio Team System, Visual Basic, Visual C++, SourceSafe, eMbedded Tools, CodeGear RAD Studio/Borland Developer Studio, Delphi, JBuilder, C++Builder, ClearCase and more.

Deployit rapidly deploys applications onto all major middleware enviroments like IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, Liferay and to cloud environments such as VMware, Red Hat & IBM. Deployit is uniquely extensible, seemlessly integrating with all leading application lifecycle tooling.

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