Why is ant script that worked in Harvest R7 failing in Harvest R12 with Broker connection error?

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The below ant script is running successfully until yesterday using Harvest 7:

C:\Program Files\CA\SCM\hco.exe" -pn 'Check Out - Read Only' -b '${application.harvest.broker}' -ced -usr '${application.harvest.userId}' -pw '${application.harvest.password}' -en '${application.harvest.environment}' -st '${application.harvest.state}' -vp '${application.harvest.projectdir}' -r -op '${application.harvest.pc}' -sy -cp '${application.checkedout.src}' -s '${application.harvest.filepattern}

But the above ant script is throwing error as below after upgrading to Harvest 12:

E0306003e: Could not connect to Broker: rs2i/haprd5 (Error Code = -306 ).
Error: Could not attach to broker.

I am able to log in with the same broker and credentials to Harvest 12 using CA SCM workbench.

Please help me in this because all our nightly builds stopped due to this.

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Hi All,

After Google research, trail and errors ant builds are working fine after the below change,

Deleting the file [b]"HClient.arg"[/b] from the installation folder [b]"C:\Program Files\CA\SCM"[/b] solved the problem fully.


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Just wanted to let you know we moved this from CMC Info over to here, the Harvest forum.

Hopefully it will get more eyes on it here.

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