What are some tools for CMDB—configuration management database?

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Muthu asked on March 2, 2011 - 4:44am | Replies (6).

Our organization is planning to implement CMDB for their operation. Please let me know the best CMDB tools in the market?


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As argument follows does all the company get benefit from CMDB?

My company has a monitoring tool for of all the prod servers with separate team(INFRA) following it.

Do i still need to have some tool ? what major benefit we wud achieve from CMDB?

I have come across "oneCMDB open source tool" for building CMDB.

Can anyone provide a glimpse of good free CMDB tool?

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Wessel replied on May 11, 2011 - 7:25am.

As within most of the different disciplines it is the same in CM. The process leads and the tools will have to follow. So without knowing which processes you will have to support it does not make sense to look at tools.

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Agreed. But for every upcoming process we need to generalize the stuff so that it can be adapted by all.
CMDB speaks lot about configuring CI's etc but i really doubt CM's have gathered any major functional or operational benefits. Hence my argument hold a true picture for a starter of CMDB.

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This is a old and common mistake: processes and tools are coupled.

When you design your process, you always-already do it in the context of the earlier tool you used, even if only conceptual.

The Romans did not divide because their numbers made it awkward. Division only became reasonable in the XVIIth together with the laborious spreading of Arab numbers (even if introduced from Spain by Fibonacci 4 centuries earlier!)


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You have a monitoring tool that presumably tells you what's on the system. What do you have that tell's you what is supposed to be on the system? The point here is that the CMDB not only tells you what is supposed to be there and how it's supposed to be put together, but also can tell you how you got to the current configuration. If your organization is not interested in at least one of those three, then I would say you should forego a CMDB.

Regarding your comment about "generalizing the stuff," that is part of what Wessel is saying. Figure out your general process (to your satisfactory level of detail) and then evaluate the tools to determine the best one for your organization.

To go back to your original question, you can start by doing what JPTownsend suggested. Alternatively, you can go to the CMCrossroads.com/forums page, scroll down to the CM tools section and look up a few of the repositories listed there, such as Dimensions, MKS, Accurev, etc.

Assuming you are referring to a CMDB in the ITIL context, from what I've read about ITIL v3, the CMDB can be a set of smaller CMDBs or one large CMDB to cover the enterprise. The method you choose to set it up will have a great deal of impact on which tool would best suit your needs. The application has to be robust enough to accommodate the intended contents.

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Agreed with user bglangston comments.

In addition, by implementing CMDB in an organisation, level of service operations are highly increases, everything is more traceable and route from a single channel. Once an organisation is mature with its practices and procedures, it will be beneficial to get the organisation certified with ISO standards.

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