Is there a more popular SCM forum?

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Jirong Hu asked on January 28, 2013 - 11:38am | Replies (2).

Five years ago, this forum used to be the best place to ask CM questions, but now it seems not many participates anymore. They all moved to somewhere else, or SCM is no longer hot?



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Hi jiring,

I am sure that CMC will become again the new hottest spot for asking questions about CM purposes. Over the entire net. Just let him time to get its power to come back.

This said, There's surely a lot of place over LinkedIN to discuss about CM and SCM, and share interests about configuatrion management topics with senior consultants.


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Bob Aiello replied on February 10, 2013 - 6:40pm.

Hi Jirong,

CM Crossroads is now part of the TechWell community and that gives us many benefits. The old CM Crossroads site starting having some serious performance issues after we went multimedia. The performance of the new site is now very speedy. I have also started another discussion to get your ideas on how we can improve.

I am glad to help you get any conversations going that you like. Feel free to contact me directly via email and we will make it happen!


Bob Aiello
Editor in Chief CM Crossroads
[email protected]

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