Is there an installation setting with CA-Endeavor to avoid file contentions errors during package promotions?

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vkchethan asked on July 31, 2012 - 3:34am | Replies (1).

We have an issue with the endevor package promotion process. When more than 2 packages are promoted at the same time, we get file contentions for the component libraries. Is there a installation setting that needs to change to overcome this problem ?

Additionally, when a package is cast, the current configuration does not validate (since validate is set to 'N' by everyone) the versioning is no checked. This is leading to versioning errors during the promotions. Is there a option to continue to use validate of 'N' during package casting and at the same time, prevent casting due to out of sequence versions. We are trying to reduce casting related errors during promotion, but at the same time have to continue with validate package set to 'N' while casting.

Would appreciate any thoughts on these issues.

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What release of Endevor are you using?

Our shop does not experience the issue with the package file, but we control traffic via job names for the promotion jobs. We do not allow packages to be executed online.

Is your defaults table set to pkgcval=n? We use pkgcval=o, and set that package validate flag to w at cast time. Not sure why you wouldn't want to validate, at least to generate a warning. You would need to provide more specifics as to your environment for an informed answer.

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