SCM and ITIL for technologies such as Cloud Computing?

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Dear All,

I would like to know the SCM tools that are used for technologies such as Cloud Computing. Seen from this perspective, has anything changed with regards to the ITIL processes? For instance, with cloud computing, servers and application softwares are maintained by thirdparty companies such as Amazon. So, when development needs to release and deploy a software package, what ITIL processes have changed (if any)? I imagine that the SCM processes would be lean for cloud computing - correct me if I am wrong?



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Bob Aiello replied on February 25, 2013 - 6:42am.


provisioning servers has become very popular with Cloud based computing. Puppet and Chef are popular tools used for provisioning servers. There are also a number of commercial tools in this space. What has changed in Cloud computing is that spinning up a virtual machine (VM) has become a common task. After that, CM is basically the same, although Cloud based computing has also placed a strong focus on environment management because of the ease within which you can reconfigure virtual machines (VMs) to move over memory (and other resources) from one VM to another.

I am interested in hearing from others on this topic as well!


Bob Aiello
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Thanks Bob!

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