PureSCM and CA SCM.

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Chad Barnett asked on January 29, 2013 - 4:44pm | Replies (1).

Does anyone have experience with PureSCM? What are some of the biggest advantages to using this add-on to CA SCM?

Also are there any scheduling options that are available. Such as scheduling UDP's or deployments to run at a specific time. And is it possible to run multiple UDP's at once?


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Hi Chad,

All good questions!  The biggest advantage to using pureSCM ALM is the ability to have a complete Governed DevOps solution that provides fully traceable data from Requirements through to Deployment.  pureSCM ALM provides the following components in Application Lifecycle Management Framework:

- Change Management
- Requirements Management
- Issue/Defect/Test Management
- Project Management
- Software Change Management
- Release Management
- Build Management
- Deployment Management

Out of the box, we have complete integrations with tools such as CA Service Desk Manager, CA Software Change Manager, Endevor, HP QC/ALM, JIRA/Hudson/Maven, Openmake Meister and many deployment tools.

pureSCM ALM provides you a complete workflow solution to manage every aspect of our lifecycle and yes, it does include a complete scheduling capability for your UDP's, Reports, Builds, Deployments, Notifications, etc.

You can see the full details at http://www.pureSCM.com!



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