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Marc Girod asked on May 7, 2011 - 10:49am | Replies (4).


I am proud to announce the publication of a book which I coauthored together with Tatiana Shpichko:

IBM Rational ClearCase 7.0: Master the Tools That Monitor, Analyze, and Manage Software Configurations

It is available among other from the

This book is a praise for base ClearCase, explaining how to use it in an efficient and sophisticated way.

We show that the concept and optimal use of branches has been misunderstood across all SCM tools (with the possible exception of Mercurial, but including UCM), leading in ClearCase to:

artificial mastership issues jeopardizing derived objects, which are the single justification for using ClearCase[/li]

We explain how to fix this in ClearCase with the use of the CPAN module, as well as how to carefully craft makefiles specifically to optimize winkin under clearmake (including for Java with the .JAVAC support).

We also argument why to avoid triggers and UCM.


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mbools replied on May 8, 2011 - 7:03am.

Congratulations on producing this book Marc.

I've just downloaded a copy and will, hopefully, review it more fully later. I'm specifically interested in whether it makes clearer some of the points you try to communicate in these forums.

I will reserve comment until I have had time to more fully read it.

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Hi Mark,


Is this book available for free download ?

Ashok Kumar S

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[b]ashok.srinivasan wrote:[/b]
[quote]Is this book available for free download ?[/quote]
Sorry, no.
There is only one chapter available for free.

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