Need help with problem in using HCO command for building project in Harvest

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I am using following hco command for checking out the files from harvest for building project in Synchronize mode,

[b]<exec executable="C:\Program Files\CA\AllFusion Harvest Change Manager\hco.exe">
<arg line="-b '${}' -ced -usr '${application.harvest.userId}' -pw '${application.harvest.password}' -en '${application.harvest.environment}' -st '${application.harvest.state}' -vp '${application.harvest.projectdir}' -r -op '${application.harvest.pc}' -sy -cp '${application.checkedout.src}' -s '${application.harvest.filepattern}'"/>

Untill yesterday it is working perfectly.

[i]Yesterday an update was happened to the harvest by the harvest admin, that is they added new process named "Check Out - Concurrent" to the harvest.[/i]

So after that if I am running my ant build using the above command (hco command in bold) results as following,

[b]I00060040: New connection with Broker HARVPROD established.
An invalid check out mode was given for process: 'Check Out - Concurrent'.[/b]

1 Answer

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Since a new hco process was added, you need to adjust your <arg line> to contain -pn 'process-name'; and set process-name to whatever the checkout process is labeled in the state. Otherwise, hco defaults to the first process, which is probably the new concurrent one.

Check all your scripts, it might be a good idea to add -pn to any and all of them to specify which check out process you want to use.

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