Need help with HP Extream - Version Management - how to re-import files

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Drew Benson asked on January 30, 2012 - 4:50pm | Replies (1).

Is there any experience out there regarding "Version Management" of HP Extream entities/artifacts? (I think it used to be called Dialogue)

Basically we are currently exporting some ".pub" files from Extream (which we can load into our VM tool) for deployment to Test/Live. But it "appears" that there is no method to reload/re-import these files back into Extream.

So although we can reproduce/deliver back-dated/old .pub files into Test/Live environments we seemingly can't rewind Extream to the same level/version to modify (for bug fix etc).......


1 Answer

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Apparently it is possible to unload/load .xob files

Then .xob can be managed as source.
The .pub files can be managed as executable (they are "compiled" and cannot be loaded back into the tool (which makes sense - at least to me ;-) )

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