Need advice on Endevor Promotion Packages?

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KimBann asked on February 16, 2011 - 12:59pm | Replies (1).

Looking for input from anyone using Promotion Packages for Endevor.

Was it hard to implement?
How was this change viewed by your users?

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grc replied on February 18, 2011 - 11:10pm.

Package control can make administration of change and release functions much easier.

Our package control is required by external audit. Generate only allowed in DVLP, can only MOVE, DELETE or TRANSFER from higher SDLC stages.

Endevor has two main options for using packages - reuse, or once off.

If you implement once off I highly recommenced setting a naming standard for packages so that you can determine the environment / stage a package affects. It also makes reporting much easier.

Consider having an Exit enabled to log package actions (cast, approve, execute, etc).

Consider who (or what) has the authority to execute packages. For example, we have scheduled jobs which check for packages in status of APPROVED to execute.

You also need to determine if package approval will be controlled by Endevor Native Security, or External security (read the manual).

Any stage for which has Approver Group Relationships defines requires packages to execute SCL. Approver group relationships can be created using batch or via the interface - Endevor;1;4;a
(Launch Endevor ; First Environment ; Option 4 for modify ; Approver Group Relationship panel).

We cut all package actions to a log to assist with administration.
We have batch jobs which execute packages in status of approval; and x days after COMMIT packages; and Archive committed packages x days later.

Our system also automatically deletes packages in status of IN-EDIT after 2 months. (batch job).

All said, it works really well. The only issue is getting some approvers to log onto the mainframe to approve the change they requested. (business area).

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