How to find recent baselines in ClearCaese?

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I would like to find all recent baseline created since 1 hour (1 minute or 1 day). We have are working on a project which contains more than 50 project vobs with so many baseline that it is impossible to draw the global list of baseline.

I found the command 'cleartool find -avobs -kind baseline' for the complete list but it is too long to run.
I added the parameter '-version "created_since(20-Apr-11)"' to the cleartool find command, but it doesn't do what I expected it would.

Do you have any idea on how I could quickly find the recent baseline?


1 Answer

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Use command below and note that the BL at the end of the list is the last BL created. Use -fmt as needed to make a nice report.

List baseline information per stream or component or by promotion level:
lsbl [ –s/hort | –l/ong | –fmt format-string | –tre/e
| –mem/ber_of [ –r/ecurse ] ]
[ –lev/el promotion-level | [ –ltl/evel promotion-level ]
[ –gtl/evel promotion-level ] ]
[ –com/ponent component-selector ] [ –obs/olete ]
[ –str/eam stream-selector | –cvi/ew ]
List information for one or more specific baselines:
lsbl [ –s/hort | –l/ong | –fmt format-string | –tre/e
| –mem/ber_of [ –r/ecurse ] ] [ –obs/olete ] [ baseline-selector ... ]

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