How do you unlock a locked VOB

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Sofia Otts asked on January 8, 2014 - 6:24pm | Replies (1).

I was able to lock one of our VOBs awhile back and now want to unlock it. How do you unlock it? ClearCase seems to think it no longer exists.

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The following is the Error Message I receive when I run the properties action against the locked VOB. 

Error from VOB database: "\SOMM_Lite"

Trouble opening VOB database: "\SOMM_Lite"

Not a vob object: "vob:\SOMM_Lite"

Unable to resolve name "vob:\SOMM_Lite" to ClaerCase entry.

The actual path to this VOB is E\ClearCase_Storage\VOBs\SOMM_Lite_2.vbs (\SOMM_Lite)

1 Answer

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