How do I increase the wastebasket size in IBM Rational Synergy?

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I am using Synergy 7.1 client. I have set the value "save_to_wastebasket = FALSE" inside ccm.ini file. The path for ccm.ini file is C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\Synergy\7.1\etc\ccm.ini.

But, even after these changes, the _moved directory size is increasing.

Can you suggest what additional needs to done ?

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Hi Deepak,

Which client are you using?

The user's ccm.ini file is only used by the (now obsolete) classic client.

The Synergy GUI and Synergy CLI (new clients) use completely new work area code and I don't think this looks at a user's ccm.ini file. The save_to_wastebasket is a server installation setting. See in the IBM Infocenter.

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Hi David,
We are using windows machine as the client, and unix box as server.
By refering to the Infocenter links, it means the settings for save_to_wastebasket is done in server path, and not in client ?

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mdc replied on October 5, 2012 - 7:11am.

Hi David

The text at the IBM site is unclear to me. Can you show the exact setting to fix the following:

On Windows we have the system on C: and the (huge) workareas in D:\Synergy\ccm_wa\.. But when projects are deleted, the files end up in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\...

This is a problem because C: is almost full due to installed software and updates, and we get "disk full". So I want _moved to be in the same physical disk as the work area.

We are running (soon .6 with iFix01).

BTW, we have played around with ccm.ini in Windows too, now I understand it is a server setting. Thanks.


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Hi Deepak,

That doesn't clarify what client(s) you are using. For example, in Synergy 7.1 there are 4 windows clients:
1) Synergy GUI (the new Java-based one that supports web mode)
2) Synergy CLI (the new Java-based one that only supports web mode)
3) Synergy classic GUI (the legacy obsolete one that only supports traditional mode)
4) Synergy classic CLI (the legacy obsolete one that only supports traidtional mode)

So which client 1..4 do you mean?

If you are using client 1 or 2, then work area preferences that are still supported that are stored in a ccm.ini file only look at the server installation area ccm.ini file. That is because the pool of back-end sessions is running on the server as the Synergy administrator user (ccm_root on Unix servers).

Client-side ccm.ini files are only relevant for client 3 or 4.

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Hi Mogens,

For the new clients (Synergy GUI and CLI, which are now the only supported clients in 7.2 onwards), I do not think there are any user or client-side preferences for work area preferences. The problem is that if you change the ccm.ini file in the Synergy server installation area, this affects all users. You also need to perform a ccmdb refresh to force the back end session manager to restart sessions in the pool of sessions it manages since the ccm.ini settings are only read at startup of the session and thereafter cached.

AFAIK, there are no client-side user settings that support controlling work area preferences such as wastebasket location. So there is no way that you, as a client user, can say "just for me, I want the wastebasket at this specified location". If you change the server-side setting, every user will have to have access to the same path on their local client machine, perhaps by mapping a network drive.

Over the years, Synergy default settings have become somewhat disorganized and inconsistent. They really need a review to decide what scope(s) make sense. For example, should a setting me installation wide for all databases, database wide for all users of that database, type-specific for a specified database, user client-side defined, or some combination thereof. In some cases, where we used to support a user client-side setting has been lost because the back-end session pool runs on the server as the Synergy administrator user. This is part of the functionality gap when the classic clients were retired at 7.2. There are other functionality gaps, such as no GUI support for certain operations like DCM, Save offline and delete, type definition, and migrate. Given the development bandwidth available, it was not possible to fill all these gaps in a 7.2 timeframe.

I suggest you submit an RFE to the Synergy RFE community at This allows other users to vote for the feature, and it may also get discussed in VoiCE sessions. This allows the product manager to prioritize where finite development bandwidth is used for new releases.

Best regards,

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mdc replied on October 5, 2012 - 12:01pm.

Thanks David, I may make an RFE.

BTW, this could be solved very simple. Just change the location of _moved to the "Base directory" as set in Tools->Options, Work area options, instead of the current

%jhome\ccm_wa\_moved\%database (Windows)

Similarly on UNIX. That would give the user full control of where work areas (including _moved) are placed.

Best regards

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