How do I implement email submissions in Change Synergy?

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devenbabau asked on June 21, 2012 - 6:21pm | Replies (1).

Can so someone share you the way to implement email submission in 5.2?

I am also using 5.2 and one of our project requested to implement this feature. May be I can make some improvement and share with you.

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idal replied on August 17, 2012 - 1:10pm.

Hi devenabau,

here we go:
database=directory of the IBM Synergy Database

1. we use the default name for the starting state in the lifecycle "entered" (I don't know if it works with other starting state names !?)
2. at least all change (resp. 'problem') attributes that are used in the submission dialog must be defined in the config file
better: insert all defined CR attributes of the CR lifecycle in this config file, so you can also set attributes, that are not defined in the CR Submission Dialog.
3. define the endpoint mailbox file in den config file ${database}/pt/mailpath.dft
Better: define a new alias in the sendmail aliases config.
On our site we use ${database}/etc/inbox and a procmail mail-in handler. The procmail handler stores the mails for <incoming-mail-adress>@domain in the mailbox file ${database}/etc/inbox by resolving a mapping to a target database depending on the mail content.
the mailbox file must be touched (created empty) and read/writable by the user running the IBM Change Server (ccm_root) initially.
4. Restart the IBM Change Server with ${database}
5. Use ${database}/pt/mailrpt.frm as template for the submission emails.
It must be edited to the custom attribute set of point 2.
remind the encoding: ASCII or ISO-8859, MIME, quoted-printable ...
6. when mails are finally received in the mail-in file:
Start IBM Change Admin GUI with ${database} and activate e-mail submission there to submit the CRs and empty the mail-in file.
You can track any errors in the Logfile of IBM Change (...event.log) or IBM Synergy (4.7:~csuser/ccm_ui.log 5.2:$CCM_HOME/log/web_sessions/csuser/ccm_ui.log*)

You can enable a email (reply) Trigger (Trig_ui.def !) to give a feedback to the submitting user / email adresse automatically
7. Step 6. can be automated by a script that uses the perl-API
(we added this to the procmail handler )
8. Really bad: you cannot submit attachments within email submission

Sorry for the late answer !
J. Aldinger

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