How do I filter specific repository from Harvest database?

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vijayboomi asked on February 1, 2011 - 4:39am | Replies (3).

We have a single Oracle DB instance hosting around 20 repositories. These repositories in turn are mapped to around 60 projects(environments). Now there is a requirement to get only one repository (mapped to around 4 proejects / environments). Can this be achieved..if so how?

Appreciate any help in this regard.


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Sure you can. You can have 4 projects with 1 repository and then do lots and lots of cross-project merging. It could get quite difficult to manage/track what has and has not merged.

But I'm sure you've already thought of that so you must be looking for something more...

It would be ugly but you could have one project with 4 dev states that map to a single dev view, 4 test states with on tst view... That is you could have the states WebDev, WebTst, WebPrd, FinDev, FinTst, FinPrd, ...
and all the DEVs share the same Dev view and all the Tst... However, I wouldn't recommend this. It really isn't any different than having 1 with 1. Any Dev state can update any item. So you'll only have different approval and promote processes and that can be done using 1 with 1?

Anyway, what are the requirements for the problem that you're trying to solve? why do the 4 projects need to share 1 repository? why can't it be 1 sharing 1? or 4 with 4? or 60 with 20, or 60 with 60, or 20 with 20.... Why won't those work?

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vijayboomi replied on February 1, 2011 - 6:19am.

I am sorry...I was not clear on my requirement. Of all the repositories hosted on the database, I to dump out only one repository and load the same into another Harvest installation.

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Vijay, this is a common requirement with customers wanting to extract certain 'objects' from CA SCM.

Trinem has a product that extracts all the necessary Project data from CA SCM into a single file which can be used to import into a completely different installation.

You can even export from Oracle on UNIX and import to SQL Server on Windows if you need to. This tool will also allow you to export, import, work on the import, export it again and re-import back to the original installation.

The extraction will consider all code associated with the Project, Forms (standard and custom), Form attachments, history, User, User Groups, etc.

If that's what you're after, you can get more information by emailing me at ([email protected]) me for more information.

Hope that helps.

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