How to configure in Clearquest to list bugs specific to user

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During file checkout from Clearcase i want the CQ to list the CQ ID specific to the  user .

For this i am tring to modify config.plbut it is listing all the bugs but not the one specific to the suer .

i used the below configuration .

$s = &DefineCQSchema(NAME=>"MainSchema",

                         ENTITY_LIST => "EnhancementRequest",

                         RESTRICTIONS => "STANDARD");


      $s->ChangeFieldMap(OWNER => "Owner",STATE => "State",

                       ID => "id",  #Note: ID shouldn't need to change

                       HEADLINE => "Headline",

                       PRIORITY => "Priority", 

     #########         SEVERITY => "Severity",

                       RATL_MASTERSHIP => "ratl_mastership",


                       # Other mappable names

                       QUERY_STATES => "Submitted,Assigned,Opened",

                       MODIFY => "modify"




                 "<STATE> in <QUERY_STATES>",

                 "<OWNER> eq <*USER*>");



                     "%s %-9.9s %1.1s %1.1s %-45.45s");

 Please let me know where i am going wrong

1 Answer

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Hi Meenakshi,

did you try printing out the USER variable below to verify that it is being set? I haven't played with this in some time but I will tweet this out to get some other folks to comment. Also, what version of CQ and CC are you using? Here is the help page for CQ8 which discusses integrations.

Bob Aiello, Technical Editor CM Crossroads

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